Paragliding in Zillertal: See Tyrolian Alps like never before

A holiday in the lush meadows of Zillertal doesn’t really count unless you’ve enjoyed the famed recreational sport, paragliding in Zillertal

Imagine floating in the air above the tall mountains and beautiful, expansive meadows…Isn’t just the thought delightful?

The experience is indeed ‘straight from the fantasies’ and views straight from the postcard.

Summer or winter, paragliding in Zillertal is on throughout the year with thousands of enthusiasts visiting each year.

Paragliding in Zillertal: Assisted flights

If you have never experienced paragliding before, let someone else take you for a flight.

Experienced and licensed pilots are available for a small fee for assisted flights. If you want some special effects, how about an acrobatic fight?

Depending on the season and weather, your flight operator will recommend the distance. All flights give you a bright view of Zillertal’s unrivaled beauty.

Paragliding in Zillertal: Summer

Who doesn’t appreciate a nice, warm sunny summer?

Zillertal, the majestic valley in Tyrol, Austria glows 10 times more in the summer and offers a multitude of activities.

Paragliding in Zillertal is without a doubt, is among the most mind-blowing activities.

paragliding in Zillertal

And, if you have appetite for more, throw in some more activities like a Gondola trip to the valley.

Paragliding in Zillertal activity is particularly concentrated in Mayrhofen which offers two well-known launch sites, namely Kombibahn Summit Station (east) and Knorren (south).

You can take a tandem flight from the Mountain Penken to the Mayrhofen to experience the valley’s beauty.

You can also book hours long flights through long flights (3-4 hours).

Zillertal: Winter Paragliding

You don’t need to be an adrenaline junkie or a hipster vagabond to appreciate the sheer beauty of the alps.

Ever wonder what the towering peaks, glorious glaciers look like in winter, with snow covering every crevice and corner?

Satiate your curiosity with a tandem flight above the bright, snow-laden mountains of Zillertal in the winter months.

The flights also stretch above Tuxertal, another valley located right next to Zillertal.

paragliding in Zillertal winter


Mayrhofen is the center of all paragliding activity in the valley.

You can ask your tour operator/agent to get in touch with flight professionals and book you a spot.

Or you can also independently inquire and choose from a wide variety of flights (baby flights, long flights, etc).

The steep skiing slopes of Mayrhofen are another attraction for the risk takers. So, if you are in the mood for a never-ending adventure, throw in some skiing too.

Getting in and out of Mayrhofen is easy since ski buses are easily available. And they don’t cost a lot either.

Paragliding in Zillertal: Important tips

  1. Make sure you wear protective clothing that keep you warm as the higher you go, the colder you’ll get.
  2. Keep your fingers and feet protected through gloves and quality shoes. Also, avoid wearing any shoes that hinder your safe and smooth landing.
  3. Don’t forget your helmet; your head is important.

Can’t stand heights?

Don’t worry. Vertigo won’t keep you from enjoying a nice, majestic tandem flight above the valley. Most importantly, operators and personnel involved ensure the safety of all participants through advanced equipment.

The tours are safety oriented so while you enjoy your flight, you know you’re in safe hands.

The most important is with which company I should paragliding in Zillertal?

On the top of this post, we recommend you the most serious and experimented companies that provide you a great activity service of paragliding in Zillertal. It’s really important to enjoy the experience to feel safe and to be in the best hands. That’s why we only show you professionals in this kind of sports activity in Zillertal.

Aktiv Zentrum Paragliding in Zillertal

So with Aktiv Zentrum Zillertal, not only paragliding in Zillertal, you are able to practice so many sorts of sport adventure activities in Zillertal. Tony the owner of this company is one of the most experimented guides in Zillertal, he teaches and selects his team like you are with him. It’s one of most mos solicited sports activities in Zillertal.

Actionclub Paragliding in Zillertal

Also, you have one of the best multisport activities in Zillertal and with a great and long trajectory. It’s Actionclub Zillertal, that sports activity company provide you with the best tandem paraglider of Zillertal. So with no doubt, Sharfti, the owner, is absolutely on everything and every day in each activity his Actionclub Zillertal provide to the guest. So being one of the guides with more knowledge about Zillertal. He will show you the best panoramic views of the valley doing paragliding in Zillertal with him.

Fly 2095 paragliding in Zillertal

First of all, you should know about Michael, owner Fly 2095 is that they fly from Mayrhofen. Then you will find them, his and his team always at 2095 meters in the Mayrhofen mountains. He has a long and great experience flying all over the world and during many years. Finally established his company here in Zillertal, tell you something really important. It’s is that practice paragliding in Zillertal is one of the best places that you can do this sports activity in the world. They gonna show you great pictures that your eyes have never seen before. And something that you won’t ever forget.

Then don’t doubt a bit more, choose the company you like more or book in which one they have time for you before somebody booking over you to have the best experience paragliding in Zillertal.




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