Rent a Bike in Zillertal

Rent a bike in Zillertal is one of the best ways to discover the valley. So doing great sports routes. Finding nice spots like lakes, landscapes, famous mountains peaks… Also is really good idea do a planning route where you able to stop in the greatest mountain huts in Zillertal. Furthermore, if you want to know orientations biking routes where to find mountain huts take our panorama map from Zillertal that you will find it everywhere in Zillertal. Rent a bike in Zillertal and enjoy your holidays. So we will tell you here. Where you able to rent a bike in Zillertal. What is the best place to rent a bike in Zillertal or What kind of bike you should rent depend on what you would like to do.

First of all : What kind of rent a bike in Zillertal?

Since the pleasure to do longer routes able to everybody comes. In Zillertal arose the e-Bikes something to get in consideration. That kind of bikes is for everyone. So, fortunately, today we able to find almost in every rent a bike in Zillertal. Furthermore, you are able to find sort of this e-bikes.

Ride along the valley

To have a nice and touristic ride along the valley. In Zillertal we have the radweg, that is 30 km since Strass till Mayrhofen. In this case the most recommendable is rent an e-bike basic, where 30 km would be Mayrhofen Zillertal Ahorna huge effort with this kind of bike, will be a pleasure.

Looking for the mountain experience

While if your option is to climb with the bike and go to the forest. You need a mtb that could be a double suspension rent a bike in Zillertal. In addition, we have to say there is all the best brand in the rent a bike in Zillertal that you find on our website. This is great cos if you in the future want to buy one. You are able to do a fantastic test here in Zillertal.

As a result, choosing a mtb e-bike or conventional you gonna love it. In case you want to do a long trip with it and you feel you are not fit enough take the e-bike and go for it. So brands since Trek, Scott, Focus, Giant or Nox from Zillertal. Wheater in e-bike or bike we are talking about high-level technology. Most noteworthy you can ride a great bike like this between 25 € – 39 € . That is a great special price to rent a bike in Zillertal.


In Zillertal you have the possibilities to go with the gondola to do great down hills or discover fantastic routes. Wheater in Gerlos that you able to go to Zillertal Arena and travel in the bike till the valley. Or in Mayrhofen that you can even connect to the Hintertux Glacier. Also taking the gondola in Fügen Spieljochbahn you can connect with the famous höhenstrasse.

Which ones are the best rent a bike in Zillertal?

In the selection on the top, you have a rental per location. So that is our recommendation for you. Because we select the place that has the balance between quality and good price. Also being a great professional that they gonna recommend the best option for you. So for a group they usually do special prices. Especially relevant is that you can check each rent a biki in Zillertal here. Each one has a profile and most of them the prices list. And which kind of bike and e-bikes the offer.

Just at the beginning of the valley in the Zillertal Bahn Fügen you have a rent a bike basic recomended for the radweg.

If you want to go the little bit further and rent a bike in Zillertal top quality the first you find is in Kaltenbach,  Sport Stock is your place, best prices no doubt and considerable quality you will see.

For the Zell am Ziller area we recommend you to go and rent a bike in Zillertal in Larl in Aschau. Especially relevant the e-bikes they offer with a long life batteries Bosch.

Already in Mayrhofen, the coolest bikes and mtb to hire are in Greenroom. With focus bikes and e-bikes and just in the downtown Mayrhofen you will have the best support with them.

Bike Guide in Zillertal

The most important to rent a bike in Zillertal you already know. Now that you have to know is what to find the best routes. Obvious you able to look for your self. But in this article, you also have the best local bike guides. Consequently, with a great bike and the best lead, we are pretty sure you will have the best experience in Zillertal.



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