Zillertal Highlights

So here you will find a selection of a good recommend Zillertal highlights. Since places in Zillertal like good restaurants from each area, different kind of party spots in Zillertal like après ski, nightclubs, bar or lounge. Also charming hotels in Zillertal or apartments and villas. In addition one of the most important reasons why we come to Zillertal to practice sports. Then you will find in welcometozillertal.at the best professionals in sports activities like rafting, hiking, canyoning, paragliding, biking guide, freeride guide and much more like ski schools or golf courses. Furthermore, you will discover Zillertal highlights like the most popular ski huts, something you have to visit and live the experience.


So in Gerlos you will find one of our best recommendations in Zillertal Highlights. Seppi’s a ski hut with history, party, good feeling and the best pizza.


in addition, one hide ski hut that you will fall in love, because of the place naturpark and obviously because of the charming of this ski hut. High recommendable.


If you would like to visit a tradition. Enzianhof is your place, delicious food, on the top of Gerlosberg. Also they homemade specks and liquors from the area.


Especially relevant the style of this ski hut. Actually a real highlight in Zillertal, located in Hochfügen. Will make you have a fantastic experience.


This the coffee place point in Fügen. Good design, best coffee, and nice ambient.

Scotland Yard Pub

The pure party in Mayrhofen, an English après ski and night pub with the best atmosphere to enjoy your holidays. Great place to have fun gathering locals and tourists.


Like his tagline says rare, food and goods. It’s a place you have to visit at least once in Zillertal. Located in Mayrhofen in the main street. Cool and actually place in the valley.


In Hippach, just in a charming place beside the river, you will have a nice Italian food and traditional from Tirol.

Mo’s Caffe 

So Burgers, traditional food, or the concerts are the specialties of this Zillertal Highlights. Nice to have a perfect dinner and party.

Fly 2095

Michael and his team will discover you the best way to know Zillertal. Flying in them paraglides you will get the other perspective about such beautiful Zillertal is.

Alpine Guiding

Florian is a local guide and chef helicopter rescue, nobody like him know the valley so well. Then we really recommend let you go and practice, ski tours, hiking on the snow, ice climbing or freeride tours with him.

Bawa Lounge

Probably the disco of the discos in Zillertal. Located in Fügen is the nightlife in Zillertal. Dj’s from Europe and funny parties every weekend will make you have a good experience.

Stock Resort

First of all, we have to say this is the kind of hotels we recommend. With different categories but always charming hotels.

Hotel Kosis

The new and renovates Kosis Hotel Sport Lifestyle. Restaurants, saunas, 72 Suites and much more.

Landscapes like :

Granat Kapelle

Ziller River 

Naturpark Grieralm 

Are places you have the duty to visit, and then you able to say I was in one of the best landscapes in Zillertal.

Villages in Zillertal

Finally here you will find also information about each village in Zillertal. So not only where you are you able to know curious things about it, cultural spots, landscapes, closers ski areas or trendy places. Also you able to visit other villages in the valley with a good information of first hand.





Zell am Ziller







Ski Areas



Zillertal Arena

in conclusion, don’t forget that’s are only a few places that you can find in our categories on the website.









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