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Nestled in the heart of Tyrol, Zillertal stands as a crown jewel among Austria’s valleys, boasting captivating landscapes and serving as the cradle of the Ziller River. Renowned as the widest expanse within the Zillertal Alps, this valley derives its name from the glaciers that grace its terrain. Situated to the south of the Inntal, or the Inn Valley, it is flanked by the Tux Alps to the west and the Kitzbühel Alps to the east, distinguished by their stunningly verdant peaks.

Much like the rest of Austria’s exceptional destinations, Zillertal ranks among Tirol’s most sought-after regions, with Mayrhofen as its largest settlement. While each city in the area boasts its own allure, Zillertal’s charm lies in its remarkable topography, which nurtures a plethora of mountain and valley sports. From its serene lakes to its enchanting weather, perfectly suited for winter sports enthusiasts, Zillertal promises a wealth of unforgettable experiences.