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Zillertal Winter and Summer 

Located in Tyrol, Zillertal is one of the best valleys of Austria, a fascinating valley in Tyrol that serves as a source for the Ziller river. So this valley is also known as the broadest valley of the Zillertal Alpen full of glaciers where it got its name. It is found South of Inntal also known as the Inn valley, on the west side, there lies the Tux Alpen and then the Kitzbuhel Alps found at the East side marked by spectacular low grass mountain peaks.

Just like any other excellent place in Austria, Zillertal is one of the most visited areas in Tirol having it’s largest settlement in Mayrhofen. Different cities have their tourist attractions, but that of Zillertal can be accredited to its wonderful topography that mother’s a lot of mountain or valley sports. Also the lakes and then the Wonderful weather that supports winter sports.


Charming Zillertal Towns in Österreich

Having read the above, the picture on our mind may most likely be one of ups and downs with snow and glacier covers. Well, that is far from it, Zillertal has a lot of sites where you can stop by and perform several activities that are normal to humans. We have handpicked some of the best places and sites that you can visit for holiday sports, relaxation and lots of other things.


Between the Alps is what most people refer to as a majestic winter wonderland by many sports enthusiasts. Mayrhofen, as mentioned earlier, is the largest town in Zillertal and the third largest in the whole Tyrol, Austria.


Do you love traveling with family? Uderns is a perfect place for you and your family. Uderns is found at the top of the valley which accounts for the wonderful view of sparkling snow dunes and lovely sunny evenings.

Finkenberg in Tux

Finkerberg to many is a humble and quiet place found sitting under a mountainous terrain. The Finkenberg adventure pool supports paragliding and popular skiing. A standard tennis court and several mountain railways for easy transportation.

Aschau im Zillertal

Aschau is a little village with abundant ash trees, livestock, marshland. This town borders the Ziller river and belongs one of the Catholic bodies of Innsbruck.


Fugen is located in the anterior parts of Ziller valley and is known for its vast network of hiking trails that makes this sports fun.

Zell am Ziller 

This is another town in Schwaz district of Tyrol. It also derived its name from the Ziller river dipping its foundation in the heart of Zillertal valley.


Tux is very far away from Mayrhofen and is an Alpine that represents the top of Zillertal Valley. Its view is spectacularly covered with glaciers and magnificent mountains.


This spot is considered the most active in the Tyrol state, bounded at the west by the Tux Alpines, by Kitguhel Alps in the east and also the Ziller river.

Stumm im Zillertal

Idyllic, quiet, peaceful any other synonym you could use to qualify the Stumm. This location on Zillertal is perfect for couples who want to relax. Also, Stumm Schrei cultural festivals which uphold the tradition and also the attracts visitors from every part of the world.

Ski Areas in Zilliteral (Die Besten Skigebiet in Tirol)

Skiing a widely practiced activity in Zillertal and this is as a result of the topography and terrain. We have picked out spots where you can enjoy your skiing adventure in the different parts of Zilliteral.

Zillertal Arena


Mayrhofner Bergbahnen


Hintertuxer Gletscher


 Spieljoch in Fügen


Hochzillertal in Kaltenbach




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