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Zillertal is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Tyrol area. Its dimensions are enough large to have a proper river, the Ziller river, that is one of the affluents of the Inn river and cross all the valley, since StrassWelcome to Zillertal im Zillertal until Mayrhofen. Zillertal is the widest valley in the south of Austria. This valley is formed by the Ziller Alpen that gives the name to the area, located in the south where is the ski areas of Zillertal Arena and Gerlos. Also has the Tuxer Alpen in the west and the south-west where is located the Hintertux Glacier.

That’s why Ziller valley is one of the most popular areas in Austria for the tourists. So in a valley of 50 km approximately you have much diversity. A lot of ski resort connected most of them creating more than 500 km of slopes. Uncountable hiking and biking routes. So many landscapes to discover. Especially relevant is with all the facilities that make the area an easy place to visit.

Welcome to Zillertal

You are doing the right choice coming to Zillertal Tirol. This kind of Austrian holidays is something you will never forget. So in the Tyrol Mountains, we have many options to get a good experience that’s why is important to find the right Zillertal info. Either summer or winter the Austrian Alps is a wonderful visit to do with friends or family. We would like to give you the information about this fabulous Austria region that is Zillertal.

Zillertal information - Welcome to Zillertal

Zillertal Ski Holidays – Winter in Tyrol

First of all Europe Alps is the right place for the skiing lovers. Specifically, the Tyrol mountains are one of the best and going furthermore the Zillertal ski resorts along 50 km valley is the right place to enjoy a great ski holiday in Austria. Then we will show you basically the most important info you need in Ziller valley for your Winter holidays.

  • Therefore you will know the ski resorts of the valley.
  • The Zillertaler super skipass to access to all of them since Hochzillertal in Kaltenbach, Zillertal Arena & Gerlos, one of the biggest ski resorts in Austria, the famous Mayrhofen with thems areas Penken & Ahorn until Hintertux Glacier, opened 365 days per year.
  • In addition the Zillertal webcams and weather.
  •  The winter sports you able to practice.
  • What more to do in Zillertal.

 The Best Austria Ski Resorts are in Zillertal

With approximately 500 kilometres of slopes and 180 lifts, the Zillertal skiing is guaranteed.  All the ski areas in Ziller valley have some connection each other what is perfect to do long routes each day. So to go to one another there are bus and train connections.

Zillertal ski

Then we start with the Zillertal ski resorts:

Located in Fügen with a rebuild done in  2017 and the connection will be in 2019 with Kaltenbach, this ski resort will become a dream for the ski lovers.

Just at 15 kilometers from Fügen this ski area in Zillertal is a powder paradise.

So in Kaltenbach, there is the access to Hochzillertal, one of the most popular ski resorts in Ziller valley. And connected with Hochfügen makes this area of the Ziller alps a great place to visit in Tyrol.

Zell am Ziller to Gerlos then to Königsleiten and finally, Wald und Krimml – Hochkrimml those are all the towns you cross since Ziller Valle, Tyrol to Pinzgau, Salzburg. With approximately 150 kilometres of pistes in two big areas from Austria provided skiers with 52 lifts and cable cars.

Mayrhofner bergbahnen provides perfect connections to Ahorn, Penken, Rastkogel & Eggalm. Especially relevant about this Austria ski resort is that is one with more visits in Tirol.

And at the end of the valley in Tux, the 365 days of snow is the pearl of Zillertal what makes the skiing never ending.


Zillertal Super Skipass

So no matter where you are staying in Ziller valley, with the Zillertal Super skipass you able to visit all the Ski resorts. Spieljoch – Hochzillertal – Hochfügen, Zillertal Arena, Mayrhofner Bergbahnen and Hintertux.

The Zillertaler super skipass is valid since the beginning of December until the mid of April. Can be selected between 2 and 21 days. There are the elective ticket options if you want to have a break skiing in between your holidays in Tyrol or safe a bad weather day.

Price list Zillertal information Super skipass

Zillertal Super skipass Price list

Zillertal Information Webcams

We will show you here the links direct to the best site to check the Zillertaler webcam.

Spieljoch Webcams

Hochfügen Webcams

Hochzillertal Webcams

Zillertal Arena Webcams

Gerlos Webcams

Königsleiten Webcams

Mayrhofen Webcams

Hintertux Webcams


Zillertal information Weather

We would like to provide you with the forecast in each ski area in Ziller valley.

Spieljoch Weather

Hochfügen Weather

Hochzillertal Weather

Zillertal Arena Weather

Gerlos Weather

Königsleiten Weather

Mayrhofen Weather

Hintertux Weather

Zillertal Skiing & Snow Sports

Consequently, in the ski winter land in Tyrol, the first reason to come is practising this fantastic sport. For the ski lover who trying to obtain the most of the snow holidays, they able to find here a lot of activities to do in the winter.

Ski schools in Zillertal

Otherwise, if we are starting in the ski or snowboarding the valley is perfect for it and here you will find

Freeride Zillertal

So if you want to go a little bit further with your ski experience in Ziller valley. We recommend you to practice freeride but with the right professional from the area, guiding and teach you all you have to know about this speciality and you will be safe.

Ski tour in Ziller Valley

Also, another great experience in the winter is to do a ski tour. With a Zillertaler guide from the area who know the place, he will discover you views and landscapes you’ll never forget.

Rodeln – Sled fun way to enjoy the snow

With the family, friends, during the day or even in the night you able to enjoy the snow in a different way. Either in Fügen, Gerlostein,  Arena or in Juns.

What more to do in Zillertal?

So, the Austrian holidays doesn’t end in the ski activities. In this fabulous paradise, you will have time to enjoy your break in Tyrol. All the Zillertaler information you need for it, you have on this site.

This Zillertal guide in an easy way and in a few clicks very intuitive you will get your next step in the valley. All the info we have on the site are places or services that we recommend. Because our goal is you get the best experience in you Holidays in Ziller Valley.

As a result, we will show you the nicest ski huts in the area. Where you able to eat or drink and obviously enjoy the moment. Also in an easy way, you will know which ones are the best Zillertaler restaurants. If you want to relax we can indicate you the greatest Wellness hotel in Tyrol, with spa, sauna or take a message.

Also, the party, laughing and nightlife has a place in the valley, where is a good place to enjoy? visit the categories of Après Ski, NightclubsLounges or Bars.

If we need to enjoy the Tyrol mountains with the best gear, please don’t hesitate to click on rental and find great ski hire or rent an e-bike.

If you would like to go shopping, you will have the traditional trachten from Tirol or Alpine shop.

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