Ski Huts Zillertal

One of the reasons when you come here are the ski huts Zillertal. First of all we have to say Ziller valley is famous for the ski areas and mountain. In fact that’s why among this fabulous mountain paradise you able to find those charming ski huts or mountain huts. In Deutsch Hütten. So our planings in Zillertal when we go to the mountains for skiing, hiking or bike is visiting and find those amazing ski huts Zillertal. Being in most of the case the first reason to do the trip. And this is normal because the stop we do in this mountain huts makes our experience better. Due to we find mountain restaurants that have delicious food. Traditional, high cuisine or modern burger and so. Also in the winter you can stop for a drink or have a party. Because they are aprés ski as well.

Ski Huts Zillertal in each ski area.

Probably we come to Zillertal we would like to discover this Hütte that we gonna remember always. Either it was a fantastic restaurant in the mountains. Or because we had a really fun party in the après ski. The goal of is recommended to you the best ski huts in Zillertal. Either you are in Mayrhofen, Kaltenbach, Zell am Ziller, Gerlos or Tux.Also we propose you to visit wherever they are. In this website you will find a good selection of this mountain huts with all the information. High-quality pictures, menu, location, phone number etc. Then starting from the beginning of the Ziller valley.

” Die besten Hütte in Hochfügen “

Just in the middle of the mountains Hochfügen is one of the pearls in Zillertal. You able to find two fabulous ski huts Zillertal. Montana alm in Hochfügen is one of the best ski huts Zillertal. First of all for the atmosphere the owners and the team create in this place. Just beside to the slopes belong to Hochfügen ski area. Is a nice place to make your stop to have a modern menu or take drinks till becoming in a party. Montana Alm is also an apartment.

Arr Wirt is this traditional hütte is a duty to visit in your holiday in Zillertal. Delicious Tirol food, beautiful design conserve the traditional wood. They are also open in Summer. So just beside to the slopes or at the hike route is a perfect location to improve your experience in Zillertal. Both have an amazing terraces with views of the mountain. Those are our huts recommendation in Hochfügen.

The best Ski huts Zillertal or Mountain huts in Hochzillertal

Either accessing from Kaltenbach or doing the connection from Hochfügen, in Hochzillertal you will find one of the most popular ski huts Zillertal. 

Really close to the cabin you will find Platzlalm. Either in summer or winter this hut and mountain restaurant, is a culinary gift to Zillertal. So Platzlam restaurant is one of the most develops dishes in restaurants in the mountains in Tirol. Also, you will have a good party and guest house if you need.

In Hochzillertal access but belongs to Zell am Ziller area is Kristallhütte. Mountain restaurant, après ski , live music dj’s, lounge and amazing views. Becomes in one of the best ski huts in Austria. Either in winter, with easy access or in summer with nice hiking routes. This Ski hut Zillertal is a duty visit on your holiday.

Zillertal Arena & Gerlos mountain huts

In one of the hughest ski areas in Europe there is so many Hütten. So we gonna make you easier. That’s why we gonna recommend two of them. Both of them are restaurants and also drink ski huts Zillertal.

Kreithütte Rosenalm is located in Zillertal Arena and you will have a good food of its mountain restaurant and also we recommend to take a drink in its new fantastic terrace with one of the best views to the valley.

And located in Gerlos with more than 50 years of history Seppi’s hütte is memorable for the pizzas. In the middle of the ski area in Gerlos with the connection from Zillertal Arena. This ski hut is very easy to go. Especially relevant to no doubt is the party they create, everyday live dj’s music. And the ambient what the owners create in the ski huts is this kind of party you want. Unforgettable hütte in your life experience.

Also we gonna recommend Enzianhof with a totally Zillertal flavor this restaurant in the Zillertal mountains is the traditional place you have to visit. Perfect for dinner and Overnights. Because is also apartments close to the Zillertal arena. Located in Gerlosberg.

Mayrhofen Penken Hütten

Being Mayrhofen the most popular ski area in Zillertal. We recommend you a few fantastic ski huts Zillertal.

Starting from the top of penken with connection from Finkenberg bahnalm you will find Granatalm. Granatalm ski hut and mountain hut. Either in summer or winter you able to visit this awesome restaurant in the mountains. With a traditional, modern food and bbq tradition from the owner. This hut is one of the best places where you can eat in Mayrhofen Zillertal. Especially relevant is the design, with the new building they create a special place on the top of the mountains.

Bergrast and Elchbar just beside the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen. With the new building, this place has a high level quallity conserving the nice atmosphere for all kind of public. So the restaurant, the buffet or the après ski in the mountains is all you need.

Gschöswanhaus what can we say about this hütte. Actually make ready your camera cos the panoramic views is something that they are really proud. And that is normal because the location is just on a cliff where you able to see all the valley and Mayrhofen from the air. Being a mountain restaurant and apartments is a quiet place to have a nice lunch. And relax.

Naturpark Grieralm ski huts Zillertal

This is the huts of the huts in Zillertal. Traditional but actual. In the middle of nature. Fantastic hiking routes around. This mountain restaurant is one of our best recommendations. In the middle of the nature park Grieralm you able to find this Hut that makes you disconnect of the busy city. In winter with private taxi or sled, you can reach the place direct from Hintertux.


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