Zillertal Restaurants

In this guide, there are the best Zillertal Restaurants. If you want to find a great selection of the best restaurants in Zillertal, here it is. Also, the best ski huts where you can eat better in Hochzillertal, Mayrhofen, Hochfügen, Hintertux and many more places in Zillertal. Filter for categories to find Pizza places, lounge, or restaurants with a good food and you can have a party as well in Ziller valley like Fügen, Kaltenbach or Tux. Finally, while you are researching each place you will find all the information you need. Fabulous pictures of them specialties, menus, location directly with google maps. So the most important the bottom to book your table or the phone number to do it. Add your favorite places when you are log in. Guten Appetit!

Restaurants in Zillertal, tipps im Mayrhofen

We’ve done a selection of the best restaurants Zillertal, the answer is easy. We would like you to get the best experience in Zillertal, one of the most important things is the gastronomy. Always is not easy to find good food or a nice place to eat when we travel. Here is where you will find restaurants in Mayrhofen like Perauer where you can taste the traditional Tirol food. If you like new tastes and healthy food the restaurant in Mayrhofen in Goldkind with energy breakfast as well. Also in restaurants in Mayrhofen like Mo’s cafe are this kind of places where you have a dining and start the party. They are not only famous cos them Burger in Zillertal for them Live Music too.

The best Mountain restaurants in Mayrhofen

Like a Mountain restaurants in Mayrhofen, we’ve done a fantastic selection of ski huts, mountain huts. Or like the call here in Zillertal “hütte”.

Especially relevant in Granatalm a fantastic new restaurant with a good story. With one of the best design restaurants ski huts in Zillertal in relation to the grant chapel what you’ll find just beside the hut.zillertal restaurants mayrhofen

Another and one of our favorites is Schneekarhütte, with this restaurant in Mayrhofen is possible you breathe cut. Not only the vanguardist design style Gaudi with the Pyramid. Also, you’ll find Mediterranean tastes in a mountain hut restaurant in the top of one of the mountains in Zillertal. Finally with restaurants in Mayrhofen, Bergrast restaurant, and Elchbar. This restaurant in Mayrhofen is a good tip mountain restaurant ski hut, the food is fabulous. Most noteworthy is all in once nice food and a nice drink in the aprés ski Elchbar. Die Besten Essen und trinken im Zillertal.

Zillertal Restaurants Mayrhofen in the village

Just Mayrhofen village, you have delicious Zillertal restaurants. We gonna give you three tips for restaurants in Mayrhofen.

First one Gasthof Perauer, one of the best restaurants in Mayrhofen, if we talk about traditional food and the atmosphere typical from Tyrol, this is the restaurant you have to visit in Zillertal.


The restaurant in Mayrhofen of the Huber’s Boutique Hotel is not only a charming restaurant of Zillertal. Where everything is thought to makes you feel absolutely comfortable and in a special place thanks to the great design. The most important of this restaurants is the high level there is in the kitchen. So with one of the best chef in the Zillertal valley. In consequence, you will taste fantastic dishes that you’ll never forget.

Restaurants on the Haupstrasse in Mayrhofen

Berg & Tal, located really central in Mayrhofen, This restaurant in Zillertal brings you all the traditional feelings when you go in, but just when you taste their fabulous dishes, you able to notice, you are eating something special and elaborated with love comes directly from the mountains and the valley.

Pane e Vino da Michelle is a reference restaurant in Mayrhofen, Zillertal and in Austria. Especially relevant is the quality of the fresh products that Michelle, the owner, take care extremely. If you want to eat in Italy you have not to go there, cos this restaurant in Zillertal offer you the best flavors of the Mediterranean.

And the last one is Mo’s cafe where the specialty is the burger and the live Music, with this you can imagine such a nice night you’ll have in this restaurant in Mayrhofen.

Zillertal Restaurants – The Best Restaurants in Zell am Ziller 

We would like to tell you which ones are the best restaurants in Zell am Ziller and Zillertal Arena as well. There is the “skigebiete” Zillertal Arena. Where in our selection you have Kreithütte Rosenalm a meeting point restaurant in Zillertal Arena. With fantastic views of Zillertal, this hütte has a nice location on the slopes and good food. The other one is Kreuzwiesenalm Hütte one of the best Zillertal restaurants with the panoramic Arena views. Most noteworthy in both restaurants or ski huts is the food where you can go to eat and get a fantastic experience.

In addition, we have to name two Zillertal restaurants which ones is almost a duty to go. One of them is the restaurant in Zellberg Schulhaus, with his fantastic chef Stefan in the kitchen everything is possible. The most creative food in Tirol is in this restaurant in Zillertal. That’s why is one of the best in Austria. We recommend dining. Also, an important restaurant in Zillertal, exactly in Gerlosberg is Enzianhof. Not only for the fantastic traditional food of Tirol made with love. Also because they make the traditional specks and wurst in an old cave from the last century. Furthermore, of good Zillertal restaurants, both of them are a gastronomic culture of Zillertal.

The best Zillertal Restaurants in Hochzillertal, Kaltenbach

These ones are the tree king hütte in Zillertal. We have the pleasure to show you the best restaurants in the mountains in Eastern region. And with no doubt in Austria too. Starting for Platzlalm one restaurant hütte in the first stop of Hochzillertal. This restaurant in Hochzillertal is an absolutely spot everybody should visit. Because the food is an innovation of high kitchen mixing with the touches of traditional Tirol. And also important is the fantastic views you have in this restaurant in Hochzillertal.

The next one couldn’t be other than Kristallhütte one of the most famous restaurants, ski huts and apres ski in Zillertal. With this huge terrace party all day, fantastic dishes which someones are really popular. Especially relevant is the atmosphere in the place thanks most of it for the location. Another really good Zillertal restaurants, located between Hochzillertal and Hochfügen is Wedelhütte. It’s interesting to visit in your past for Zillertal.

Two tips Zillertal restaurants and hütte more for this fabulous valley.

We would like to show you the best restaurant in Hochfügen and with many awards in Austria too. We are talking about Restaurant Alexander, yes in this beautiful hill in Hochfügen inside of the hotel Lamark. So you have this two fantastic restaurants in Zillertal management for one of the best chef in Austria. The best gastronomy of this country is in our valley.

While we find in the same hill the Aar-Wirt .This fantastic ski hut and restaurant in Zillertal, what conserve several traditions. This restaurant is a really nice place to eat in the middle of the slopes. Its design doesn’t leave you indifference.

Finally talking about one charming restaurant in Zillertal and Mountain Hut. The Tristenbach Alm, the cute restaurant in Ginzling, Zillertal. So just in the middle of the mountains that you able to reach by hiking, biking, or in winter by sled. That’s made to visit this Zillertal restaurant on a special adventure.







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