The best Hotels and Accommodation in Zillertal to booking directly.

Accommodation, Hotels & Apartments 

If you are looking for hotels in Zillertal, but you want to deal directly with the accommodation. Then you are in the right place! So we’ve done a special selection of trendy hotels in the valley. Probably for you, the most important is to have a cozy stay in your holidays. That’s why here you can find chalets, apartments or campings.

Sportlife Hotels in Zillertal

So there is so many kind of hotels that you can choose. First of all depends of which kind of holidays you plan. So if it’s winter or summer. Also if you come for sport holidays, here you will find special hotels for you. In the winter directly to the slopes and in summer in the middle of the mountains.


Camping in Zillertal

Another way to have your holidays is going to camping. So there is so many in Zillertal.  Actually in each town, in Mayrhofen, Fügen- Schliters there is the Camping Hell, in Kaltenbach, in Tux. All of them have great facilities, a swimming pool, sauna,  restaurants etc. Even the Camping in Aschau has a lake and climbing center.

Aschau im Zillertal Lake

Holiday Apartments or “Ferienwohunungen”

First of all, if you are thinking about coming to an apartment in Zillertal the offer is huge. So what we will show you here is a small selection of charming apartments. Yes, these ones that you are thinking!. Cozy place, wood, amazing views, fireplace and great design.

Chalets and Villas in Zillertal

So if what you want is to have an unforgettable holiday in  Zillertal. Your option is to hire a Tyrolean house. Whether in the middle of the mountains or direct to the piste. For sure this would be a great experience. Find here some of the nicest chalets and villas in the valley.

In case you like our selection share it with your friends in the following bottoms. But if you think we have to make the selection bigger. Just feel free to comment with which kind of accommodation we have to amplify. Hotels, Chalets, Villas, Campings, Apartments…