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Granat Kapelle

Inspired by the garnet Zillertal mineral

Granat Kapelle

Located on the top of Penken, Mayrhofen you will find the Granat Kapelle. This chapel is a wonderful momument inspired in one of the most beautiful and historical minerals in Zillertal, the garnet. First of all creation of Granat Kapelle is a tribute to Zillertal beacouse this valley is known to be rich in minerals. So extract this exotic gems was one of the most important profesion in the past. Even in the time of the crusades was used in armor and shields. Being very relevant this country in those times.

Also the Granat Kapelle is a tribute to the earth, the nature and the sky. That’s why the chapel built in suspension with a stone base. When you are watching it seems like is floating. Especially relevant the location in the top of the mountains of Zillertal and with the lake besides. Becomes this spectacular chapel in a fantastic visit the we recomend.

Mario Botta

The creator of this modern chapel in Zillertal is the architect Mario Bottas. Born in Ticino, Italy but based in Lugano, Suiza. So his reputation in modern geometrical buildings is recognize by the whole guild. In addition we have to say he has many buildings all around the world , E.E.U.U , Asia and obiusly Europe.

He created with steel and wood from the area that is another way to inspire by the nature of the Ziller valley. We can say he created a piece of peace close to the heaven.

Planing to visit Granat Kapelle

You just has to click in the map of the post but your access are simple, We recomend the way from Mayrhofner Bergbahnen. You will find the nice mountains of Penkenjoch where you able to do hiking , bike tour or even paragliding. In your way to the top you will find this fabulous cultural monument of Zillertal, where take the nicest picture will be your goal. Finally little bit up there you have to visit the Granatalm the mountain hut inspired by the Granat Kapelle and views to its. With a fantastic design and delicious food will be a great end or start of your visit.



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