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Spieljoch: Family Friendly Winter Adventures in Zillertal

Whether you are looking for long downhill slopes, a snowpark to show off your moves, or a fun-slope for the little ones, the Spieljoch ski area has it all for families wanting a fun-filled winter adventure.  The Spieljoch Fügen ski area is located at the northern entrance of the Zillertal with direct access to the village of Fügen. For those looking to get to other areas from Spieljoch Fügen. There is a direct ski bus that goes between Fügen, Uderns, and Kaltenbach.  The area extends from about. 650 – 2,100 m above sea level, has traffic free access, has a new 10-seater Spieljochbahn cable car. So It’s suitable for both families and beginner level ski and snowboarders.

The Spieljoch Fügen Mountain Specifications

For those looking for more in-depth information about the ski area, there are 25.6km of downhill runs available, the mountain area can endure 17.945 persons per hour, it has a ski slope area of eight hectares, and there are ten ski lifts.  To break this down further, there are three cable cars, two char lifts, two ski lifts, and three conveyor belts. Out of the 25.6km of available pistes, 3.60km of them are easy, 14.80km are medium, 2.70km are difficult, and 4.50 are freeriding routes.

There is a new 10-seater cable car called the Spieljochbahn, which will take riders up and down the 107km of mountain elevation. The Spieljochbahn opens up new adventures for both and old as it gives riders access to the new toboggan run, the fun-slope, the race track (ski races), and the snowpark.

Finally, for those who want to get to the Hochfügen ski area, there is a gondola line that you can take from Spieljoch. It is called the Geolsbahn and is accessible from the slopes. Whether you are heading to Hochfügen or not, the Geolsbahn gondola is a must-ride as its panoramic views are like none other. The gondola is made out of pure transparent crystal plastic, ensuring magnificent views of the mountainous landscape. Once you reach the bottom of the Geolsbahn line, you can take a free ski bus over to the Hochfügen ski area.


The New and Modern Spieljoch

 As of December 2017, Spieljoch received a massive upgrade, both in its facility capabilities and in its numerous attractions. In addition to the new Spieljochbahn, 10-seater cable car, a valley station was added in for athletes which included a race track for training and skiing, as well as a spacious beginners’ area. There was a new 5.5km toboggan run added in at the top of the Spieljochbahn, and the entire mountain station was upgraded and re-designed to ensure maximum comfort.

A winter hiking trail was added in so hikers can now go from the mountain station to the summit of Spieljoch, and a snowpark and fun-slope were added in at Onkeljochlift. For those wanting to get to Spieljoch, can do so by the new Spieljochbahn, and all guests can enjoy the gourmet restaurant and bistro breakfast at the mountain station. Finally, the slopes have been extended and all snow-making equipment has been expanded on.

Spieljoch Fügen

Available Winter and Summer Activities in Spieljoch

Other than skiing and snowboarding down the numerous pistes in the winter time. Spieljoch has a lot to offer. From the new 5.5km toboggan run to a winter hiking trail that leads to the summit. To numerous ski schools for everyone. For those looking to relax with their little ones, there is a fun-slope. So for those who are seasoned athletes, there is a racing area.

The summertime brings about a kids climbing park. A barefoot hiking trail that leads to the summit themed hiking trails, a petting zoo for the kids, and even a water play park that has rafting, wooden dam construction, and a trampoline. If history is more your thing. Head to the historic show mine that details the slag heaps and shafts where precious metals like quartz and copper were mined. If these aren’t enough, take to the sky and go paragliding and bask in the wondrous views of the Zillertal Alps.

Overall, Spieljoch Fügen is an amazing destination for families who are looking for both a winter or summer adventure through the Alps. There are a ton of activities available throughout the year, numerous huts and restaurants to try out, and new facilities to enjoy.


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